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Since establishing CasaBella Architects in 1989, Jaime Beaman has led the firm’s success and shaped its reputation for exceptional client service and technical design excellence. Mr. Beaman is a past president of AIA Austin, and has been a member of several boards and commissions in the Austin area. Over the years he has been committed to the Mexican-American community through his involvement in housing, education and development of Latino communities. 

CasaBella Architects is a registered HUB (Historically Underutilized Business) with the State of Texas and an MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) with the City of Austin.


We feel a great deal of pride for our Hispanic heritage and make a point to be involved with and contribute to our community. Mr. Beaman is a past President of El Buen Samaritano Episcopal Mission and lead architect for the planning and ultimate construction of its current campus. He also served on the Tejano Monument Committee for eight years through the completion of the project in 2012. 

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Cinco de Mayo 1995 Staff Photo

Hispanic Heritage Projects

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Tejano Monument 

When Mr. Beaman was approached to join the Tejano Monument team, he thought it was going to be a one-year, pro bono design service. He was the last member to join a board of fundraisers and historians after they had already been formed for four years. His role as  architect was the final piece of the puzzle to design and deliver a monument worthy of telling the story of Tejano influence in the discovery and development of Texas.


Mr. Beaman was recommended by Jose Guerra in 2004 and began the 8.5 year journey which included presentations to the state legislature, the Texas state preservation board and other stakeholder groups. The unveiling on the State Capitol grounds in March 2013 included Tejanos from all over the country as well as dignitaries and descendents of the first Spanish families to colonize Texas and marks the first mention of Tejano history at the Texas State Capitol.

Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center

The Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center is dedicated to the preservation, creation, presentation, and promotion of Mexican American cultural arts and heritage.


The idea of establishing a cultural facility for Latino artists and the community emerged in the early 1970s. In 1986, the City Council appointed a task force to determine the feasibility of building a Mexican American Cultural Center. By 1998, the community and the leadership provided by Hispanic elected officials and other leaders of the community put forth a 1999 bond package, which was approved by the voters. The following year, the City authorized a professional services agreement with CasaBella + Del Campo and Maru and Mexican Architect Teodoro González de León for architectural design and construction phase services. The long-awaited ground-breaking ceremony took place in November of 2005.  


Construction of the ESB-Mexican American Cultural Center began in January of 2006, and the facility was completed in June of 2007. The reality of the long-time dream was finalized on September 15, 2007 with a ribbon cutting ceremony attended by thousands from the community.


CasaBella Architects completed its second master plan in early 2018 that revisited the needs of the community, its users, and community stakeholders for the expansion and final completion of the ESB-MACC.

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