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Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest

This master plan was completed in April of 2014.  Here the goal was to show the seminary how it could improve housing for resident students and at the same time create a religious campus that was open and inviting to the surrounding neighborhood. This exercise not only showed the Board of Directors, what was possible, but also caused the Seminary to relook at its “strategic plan” in an effort to expand the master plan to look at the entire needs of the campus.  The master plan began by looking at the western half of the campus, the logical location for new construction, but evolved when issues such as campus image and integrating the college into the surrounding neighborhood became important in the overall design.

The master plan showed that the existing “Christ Chapel” was not visible from the street and that a major new entry into the campus would not only enhance the image of the seminary but also create spaces that allowed visitors to explore public areas within the campus.  Our recommendations included abandoning the Right-of-Way along Rathervue St. (the seminary owns land on both sides of the street) and to create a promenade to be used during graduation ceremonies and other outdoor events, as well being used as public spaces on a daily basis.  Also removal of trees and old vegetation has been recommended to enhance the view of the chapel and using architectural elements to create two portals into the campus. Work included the design and placement of three new housing structures (96 units) with underground parking (155 cars) that meet neighborhood compatibility standards.


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