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Historic Norwood Estate 

The City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department retained the services of CasaBella Architects to assess the condition of the existing Norwood House (bungalow style wood frame house dating to 1922) and grounds (approximately 9.5 acres) at the Norwood Tract at Town Lake Metropolitan Park, 1012 Edgecliff Terrace, Austin Texas.  

Services also included looking at different options to maximize the park’s potential including open space, walkable links to the boardwalk, public transportation, and the surrounding neighborhood.  Final recommendations were based on community input, cost, and potential revenue generating possibilities.  The final objectives of the design services included: establish a vision for the site that demonstrates design excellence, respect of the site’s history, sustainability, and its viability as a public facility; gauge public sentiment regarding the grounds and house; document the historic significance of the house and the surrounding grounds; maximize the site’s potential; look at short and long-term costs; identify potential uses and determine a preferred option at the end of the process.


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