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Tejano Monument 

Conceived as a way to honor Texas’ Tejano heritage, and designed to tell the story, this monument features a granite base weighing over 500,000 lbs., and multiple bronze statues consisting of; a vaquero (cowboy) on horseback, a Spanish explorer, two longhorns, members of a young Tejano family, and plaques with narratives of the different periods of Tejano history. The material of the granite base comes from the same quarry that produced the granite for the present day Capitol building.  The bronze statues are by artist Armando Hinojosa, of Laredo, Texas.


The Tejano Monument is the largest monument on the State Capitol grounds and is the first of its kind to commemorate the 500-year role of Tejanos in Texas and the Spanish-Mexican legacy in the state from 1500’s through present day.


CasaBella Architects, under the leadership of Jaime Beaman, AIA oversaw the design and construction of the monument.  As part of his responsibilities, Mr Beaman worked closely with the Texas Preservation Board and the Texas Historical Commission to obtain final approval by Governor Perry and the entire legislative body.

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